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on 30 August 2010 (#30201798)
On 29 September 2012
26 November 1982
Uh, I mostly hate LJ, but I'm here to support something that I believe in... and to read fanfiction.. yep, thats about it.

ok ok. i give in, i'll write an actual bio... I'm Jen, and this is my lj. I tend to obsess over things.. my obsession of the moment is Doctor Who/Torchwood. I'm a geek in pretty much every way. I play nearly every type of game there is. Board games, video games, tabletop RPG's, you name it, i've probably played it. Or wanted to, at least. I love cars... I wish to be a mechanic, and have been trying to get into the army to fix things for awhile. I have a boy who is in the army... currently in Afganistan. makes for a sad Jen.

Currently I'm the coffee girl... i work at/manage -ish a Dunkin Donuts... yay exciting. I love to be outside running around... i'm a pretty active person.

I write fanfiction for Torchwood... at least I try. I'm not very good at it, nor am i very efficient at it. More then that, I draw things alot. many many things. mostly dragons. i like dragons.

I remember numbers like woah. i had pi memorized to 50 digits at one point.

I love physics even if I dont necessarily understand it.

I love math even if i suck at it.

I really dont subscribe to any sort of religion.

I'm learning Welsh. Just because.

I really dont like people all that much.

I'm a cynic.

....yep. thats me.