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Writer's Block: A night unlike any other

What was the best night of your life so far, and what made it so special?

Oh this is an easy one. November 1st, 2003.  It was pretty much the night between the 31st and the 1st, really. Halloween night.   I went to Josh's house for a bonfire, it was my first time ever coming here, and it was hard as hell to find my way, cause he lived in the hills of Massachusetts.   There was general silliness and then a pile of people sleeping on a trampoline.  That was the night that I decided that I was cold, and that Josh should warm me up. He complied... and really that was the beginning of the end. So to speak. Since that night... we were together pretty much constantly....   I really really can't think of anything in my life that has made me happier. (or caused me so much greif, lol)  
But really....  if it weren't for that night, I often wonder if we'd be together now. I think we probably would have found each other eventually...   It seemed pretty written in stone, if you believe in fate-ish sorts of things. 

But yes. That. 

Also, on a more Torchwood related note, I've begun listening to the new audiobooks, the ones read by Kai (THANK YOU XRAI!!)   and OMG THEY"RE SO DAMNED CUTE!  I love Rhys.  I am Rhys.  Its official now, I've passed on the cerimonial coffee pot to Saria, who has accepted it and become Ianto. Well, more like a strange Ianto/Jack mix.. but still. 

lol.  So yeah. there you have it. 

Oh, right, lastly... Josh is now officially a Specialist.  He was promoted and the paperwork is all done. :D  He's well on his way to being that much more awesomer. :D  <3
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