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Everything Has It's Place (part 4)

 Title:  Everything Has It's Place
Characters: Ianto/Jack, the Doctor, two TARDISs.
Length: nearly 2000
Rating:  R
Summary:  Ianto finds out why he survived. 

Disclaimers:   Jack belongs to Ianto. The Doctor belongs to Rose...  *yep, i went there*    All of them belong to some people who don't deserve them. 

A/N:  I was wondering if someone who is way better at graphics than me could make me a banner for this? 

A/N 2:  Thank you so much to sariagray ... I probably could not have done it without you, my friend. 

A/N 3.  Ianto's screwdriver at the end. :)

A/N 4. (last one, i swear)  I played around a bit with Timelord canon, not that there is much....  I hope no one minds. 

Everything Has Its Place.

Jack holds Ianto tightly as breathing stops in all living things temporarily. The TARDIS (….no, can’t think that anymore, Harkness. How about 'the Police Box' or 'the Doctor’s TARDIS'…) settles onto the parking lot, its weezing breath stopping. Ianto’s breathing stops in anticipation of his (first) meeting with the Doctor in longer then he can remember. Or could remember. Until now. Jack’s breathing stops because the last time he saw the Doctor, he was told he was “wrong” and he hasn’t fixed the Doctor’s head, so he’s still WRONG. And this is the (first) meeting between his lover and his once loved.

Collectively the two men begin breathing again. The police box does not. It does however eject a rather dashing and excitable Timelord. The three immortals stare at each other…as the TARDIS's sing.

“Jack! Nice to see you! Shoulda known this would have something to do with you, didn’t you have a secret base around here?” The Doctor sashays as only he could towards the men and the DBS.

“Hello Doctor,” Jack’s arm tightens around Ianto, who murmurs to him incoherently.

“And Ianto Jones! Last time I saw you there were Daleks taking over the world... Now you’ve remembered who you are! Brilliant! I’ve been waiting for this… I thought it would take longer than this… But you haven’t changed, why didn’t you change? Curious…”

The monologue would’ve made the Archivist tired just by watching, but the Timelord understands the energy that the Doctor exudes mirrors the exuberance inside. Ianto feels this energy… it comes from having two hearts. But the Archivist is so much more dignified.

The Doctor pulls out the sonic screwdriver and does the thing that he does and scans Ianto. Jack stares in indignation that turns to shock when the Doctor turns his screwdriver onto him then proclaims, “HaHA!” in that way of his. “It’s you! Jack.. You’re inside him! NO! yes! Really??”

They watch him as he paces like only the Doctor can… muttering to himself. “Jack, did you ever… I mean, your life energy… did you ever… use it on him? Transfer it to him in anyway?”

Ianto spoke up, “HE is standing right here Doctor. And yes, I nearly died at one point, and Jack brought me back to life by …. Erm.. yes. Transferring life energy.” Ianto shuffled his feet at that point, while Jack grinned lewdly at him.

“Is that what we’re calling it these days?” Jack nuzzled his neck suggestively.

“Oi! Jack, still here. And Ianto, what a TARDIS! Mark III?” Scanning with his screwdriver he looked up in surprise… “Mark VI, very nice… very nice indeed. Now about you, Ianto Jones… how much do you remember?”

“Very little right now, Doctor. Well, that’s not entirely correct actually. I remember nearly everything, but it’s all a mess in my head. The only reason I even remembered her is because she was calling to me.” Ianto runs a trembling hand over the smooth lines of his TARDIS. She hums quietly for a minute and there’s an infinitesimal moment of connection that makes the air vibrate around them.

“Oh and she would be calling wouldn’t she. She’s missed you, Ianto. It’s time for explanations though, shall we go to yours or mine?” The Doctor is playing coy, but Ianto knows that he wants to see the inside of the DBS. The Doctor always had more curiosity then could be contained in the small body of a Timelord. He also knows that the Doctor’s TARDIS will want to ‘meet’ his. This is the first contact that either of them have had with another of their kind in a long time. The cataloguing part of his brain has already begun storing information, picking up on the tiny nuances of energy that each transport is emanating.

In the end, its Jack who decides. “Ianto’s then. I’ve seen yours Doctor, haven’t seen his yet. Well, TARDIS that is … although… I’m not sure I can tell you what I’m thinking right now.” He arches an eyebrow in just that way of his at Ianto… that just makes the comment that much more.

“Oi! Enough Jack!” The Doctor is rolling his eyes in time with Ianto’s. Timelord synchronicity. Jack shakes his head, trying to remove the treacherous thoughts.

The door to the DBS is already open, a soft light emanating from within. She’s inviting them, she hasn’t had visitors in so long… she’s been lonely. Jack gasps as they step through the doors. He’s been in the Doctor’s TARDIS…. So he’s not surprised that this one is so much bigger on the inside, that’s a Timelord trait…. What does surprise him (though it shouldn’t) is what’s inside Ianto’s. The control room that automatically places itself upfront is elegant and graceful, and everything that Ianto is. She looks, for all the world, like the lobby to an old theater (the Electro, maybe?) with high, carved ceilings and sweeping staircases… deep violet curtains and tapestries adorning the walls. Set around the column in the middle are large leather seats, worn with age, but still looking terribly comfortable. The column itself is all deep mahogany wood, with brass fittings, like something out of the Victorian age (Jack would know) buttons and dials everywhere. It reminds Jack of the new steampunk movement….

The newcomers to the place look around in awe at the beauty of the room; Ianto ignores them, and runs his hands reverently over the console, murmuring softly in a language that even Jack doesn’t know. Gallifreyian.

After a few minutes of reacquainting himself with his machine, Ianto looks at the other two men, “I suppose you have things to tell me, Doctor. You can make this jumbled mess in my head go away.” Ianto’s head is still a jigsaw puzzle of words and things. Though, some of them are starting to resolve themselves. The Archives of his brain are reasserting, almost as though there’s a mini-Ianto in there, fixing everything.

Jack is still wandering around; he can feel the TARDIS assessing him, even as he assesses her… They both belong to and, at the same time, share the Timelord… and it will take some getting used to. Jack has been the companion to a Timelord before and knows how these things work, however. He allows her into his thoughts, and shows her what Ianto means to him, and that he would hurt neither Timelord nor TARDIS. Satisfied, she sings her song lightly in his head, accepting him into her world. Ianto watches and listens, and smiles when her song changes to include Jack. Part of him had worried that she wouldn’t accept him… that she would see the WRONGness inherent in his being. But, she’s a part of Ianto, and if he accepts Jack, then she can too.

The Doctor, in a rare quiet moment, is observing. He hasn’t seen another of his kind that hasn’t been trying to kill him in far too long, and it’s refreshing. He hears the song of this, a different TARDIS, and he feels her slight reluctant acceptance of him. She knows that he’s the Oncoming Storm. The Destroyer of worlds… As the Archivist’s TARDIS though, she has a greater understanding of the situation.

After a time hoursminutesseconds pass, (who really knows in a time machine?) they settle into the chairs. Ianto has brought coffee (he is still Ianto, of course) and the time for discussion is at hand, however no one knows how or where to begin. Each is out of his depth. “Ianto, do you remember who you are?” The Doctor asks, bluntly, as only the Doctor can.

“Not so much, no. I remember a lot of things. I remember… well… it feels like everything, but I can’t make it make sense in my head. Like… there’s too much and my brain is still trying to fit it all together in a way that makes sense. But at least my thoughts have punctuation again. They didn’t for a while.”

The Doctor almost looks as though he understands this last statement… “Ianto, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. One of the last things I did… well… I say did, I mean, helped do… well, I say helped … I mean suggested…”

“Just tell me, Doctor.”

“Ianto.” The Doctor was being uncharacteristically wordless.

“Doctor…” The note of warning in that deep, soft voice… reminding him that this is one of his own that he’s dealing with. A voice of as much power as his, more even… given his title and craft.

Jack is… well, an outsider in these proceedings. These are the debates of minor deities; his voice has no say in what happens, though he can offer comfort still. He softly touches Ianto’s arm, takes his hand and brushes a finger across the palm, massaging gently to calm his lover. Ianto looks at him with lovecompassiongratitude and inhales deeply. “Doctor. Please.”

“Ianto you are the Archivist.”

Jack’s eyes narrow. Ianto’s eyes narrow further.

“You are the Gallifreyian library. The whole of our history is in your head all locked up in that brain of yours, all just waiting and trying to come out. When the Time War really got going I realized that you needed to be kept safe so I and some of the others, some of my best generals” the Doctor’s eyes cloud for a moment “turned you human. And Ianto Jones was born.”

Jack shakes his head… “All this time you went around talking about how you were the last of your species, waxing poetic about how alone you were in the Universe… and right here all along, was Ianto. You hid him right under my nose. You bastard.”

The Doctor opens his mouth to speak but Jack isn’t finished. “AND you knew when he was fighting amongst the cybermen and Daleks at Canary Wharf and then the Daleks at the Hub…. You knew. And you didn’t say anything. He could have died then, being human, and you would have let it happen.” And Jack stalls, thinking about the possibilities of what might have happened… which flow into the realities of what did. He barely hears the next words out of the Doctor’s mouth as his dries up and he realizes…

“Because of who he is and what he knows, we had to hide him deep. I didn’t know if he would even find himself again after that, Jack. You have to understand, that I fully believed that the Librarian, the Archivist that I knew was dead.” The Doctor looks at them in anguish, “It was hard enough hiding him as we did!”

Jack’s voice breaks as he interrupts the Doctor’s excuses. “And after he ‘died’ from the virus of the 456? You knew there was a chance, and you didn’t even bother to tell me?? You just sent me on my merry way to some other bloke that you thought could warm my bed, when my …. When Ianto had a chance at survival?”

Ianto looks at him curiously at that slip… but that can wait till later. “To be fair, Jack… I was dead. You were right about that, I was human enough to die. However, I think it’s because of you that I’m still here.” He squeezes the hand that’s still encased in his in reassurance.

The Doctor does not miss the tiny nuances of their relationship. He realizes that he has misjudged these two. Yin and Yang. He bounces up (no one can keep him still for long. He’s an anomaly amongst his race) he paces back and forth across the plush violet carpeting of the TARDIS. “But now, Ianto Jones? What now?”

And they realize, with a start, that the Doctor is not asking a rhetorical question. The Doctor, though older than Ianto, is asking his elder. He is looking for guidance.

Chapter 5

Here it is....  I based it off of (two) light sabers. :)  Cause its Ianto. 

I'm also working on drawing out the inside of his TARDIS. :)

Lastly.... My little Ianto has acquired a Matchbox DBS.  :)

Tags: doctor who, ianto jones, the doctor, timelord!ianto

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