December 21st, 2010


The First Thing (part 3)

 Title: The First Thing (part 3)
Characters: Ianto/Jack, The Doctor and two TARDISs
Spoilers... um, god I wish?
Warnings- I don't think so.
Rating: PG-13 atm. may go higher.
Summary:  Ianto introduce's Jack to his TARDIS. 

Disclaimers: Jack belongs to Ianto always. Timelord or not. Both belong to us..  cause obviously we treat them better. 

A/N  Thank you.... all of you guys who voted. I'm sorry that I couldn't use all of your ideas... lol. Honestly, if I could have.. I would have. But this one just fit all too well. You are all lovely and brilliant.  Also, thank you for supporting me through this.. heh, I never expected this to be multichapter. I never expected it to be well received.  

A/N 2.  Gifts at the end. Feel free to steal. :) And Happy whatever if is that you celebrate. I love you all so much. You've made my life better by being here. Thank you. :)

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